DS 250


The SimClinic® DS 250 simulator was developed to help therapists address critical driving related issues with their clients. Driving rehabilitation specialists use the DS 250 and its extensive SimClinict library of therapeutic and assessment driving scenarios to enhance their clinical and on-the-road methods. Unmatched in the industry for its client activities and clinician-oriented features the DS 250 incorporates many of the capabilities of the full-scale SimClinic research simulators tailored specially for clinical use. The DS 250 features outstanding fidelity and face validity and has undergone usability studies with both clients and practitioners


A Complete Simulated Driving Experience

With the DS 250, drivers sit in a partial cab based on a Ford Focus sedan and are immersed in an authentic automotive environment with simulated driving scenarios and ambient traffic. The system comes with a transfer frame to help patients practice getting in and out of a vehicle. The operator interface is easy for clinicians to use from a dedicated touchscreen tablet that ships with the system.


Additional Features

The DS 250 can ship with optional adaptive equipment, including hand controls, a spinner knob and a left-foot accelerator. Larger, more immersive display system as well as motion cueing are also available with the DS 250, if desired.

Learning to use adaptive driving equipment because of a limb loss can be a daunting task for many rehabilitation patients. Working with OTs in our clinical simulator can really help patients curb their own anxiety because it gives them a platform where they aren't afraid to fail.

Susan Touchinsky
Owner, Adaptive Mobility Services

What's Included

  • Partial cab based on a Ford Focus sedan
  • Sharp, high-resolution (retina-limited) visual display and 110 degree field of view
  • Real-time rear and side view wide angle mirrors
  • Highly adjustable car seat to accommodate patients of varying height and weight
  • Dash and center console
  • Tilt steering wheel with dynamic electric torque feedback
  • Live instrument cluster
  • Standard automotive driver controls including accelerator and brake pedals, steering, gear select, ignition, turn signals and headlights
  • Fully functional automotive stereo with radio/CD and MP3 player input
  • High-quality sound system
  • Free-standing tower fan for driver comfort
  • Runtime simulation software, system computers, printer and accessories
  • Wireless tablet-based interface for greater ease of use
  • SimClinic software scenario libraries
  • Includes shipping, installation, half day onsite training and 1 year of support


Dimensions: 7’L x 4’W
Weight: 750 lbs
Power requirements: one dedicated 20 amp/110 volt circuit

SimClinic Software

The powerful software that runs the DS 250 is called SimClinic®, Delivering dozens of driving scenarios and interactive exercises for clients. The SimClinic® library is comprised of clinical-inspired activities organized into the following four progressive phases.

Pre-Driving Clinical Exercises, Basic Functional Abilities

More Functional Abilities in the Context of Simple Driving

Progressive Basic Driving Skills

Advanced Driving Skills and Naturalistic Scenarios